Detox Cleanse Bundle

Detox Cleanse Bundle

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Uplift your daily wellness routine by pairing our Detox Massage & Body Oil with our duo depth dry brush, designed for professional results. 

This all natural bristle brush with bamboo base and cotton weave handle is as beautiful as it is effective. It not only gives you the results of a standard dry brush, but also goes to the deeper lymph collectors to help you with bloating, swelling, pain, skin clarity and smoothness.

When paired with our handcrafted Detox Blend, you are giving your body the ultimate in luxury care. Using all natural essential oils and

Rice bran oil, grapefruit extract, lemon extract, tangerine oil lavender oil, berry antioxidants, vitamin E

Use this uplifting oil as a moisturizer or massage oil apres bath or shower. For best effect, use this oil with a sisal cloth or dry brush as a detoxfying enhancement. Use one or two pumps per body area.


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