Peace Soap
Peace Soap
Peace Soap

Peace Soap

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 Nourish your body with the delicious a scent of our vegan Peace Soap, made with brown sugar and vanilla.

A part of our Social Justice Soap line, each purchase of our Peace Soap goes towards a social justice initiative that is near and dear to our hearts, and our mission to bring better wellness to the world.

Our Peace Soap is dedicated to the charity ALLMEP.

ALLMEP secures and scales funding to radically expand trust-building interactions between Israelis and Palestinians. They provide capacity-building support and visibility to amplify the voices and impact of our member organizations in the region. They connect individuals and groups to create a critical mass that live and act in support of peace. They add stability in times of crisis, foster cooperation that increases impact, and build an environment conducive to peace over the long term.

With the purchase of this soap, we thank you for helping us and Allmep make this world a cleaner, better place.


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